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October 20 2017


sorry for ignoring you i was mentally dead

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mr. robot s03e01
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October 19 2017

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"Kto utonie, więcej się kąpać w morzu nie będzie"
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October 18 2017

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Tytus Czyżewski, Mechanical Garden, 1920, Translated from Polish by Jasia Reichardt, 1991 

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(-19 degrees celcius so the windows have frosted snowflakes on them) 🙃// insta @annikabansal (at Djursholms Torg)

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Winter in Prague
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"Październikowe i ostre powietrze lepiej by smakowało w innym mieście, nie tu."
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Mont Saint-Michel, Normandy, France 2002 by Nadav Kander

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*oczyma wyobraźni Janek widzi jak aplikuje w ową żyłę wenflon*
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