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December 28 2013

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Bergen by night
Tags: Bergen
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Bergen by night
Tags: Bergen
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December 19 2013

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December 15 2013

Using Giant Mirrors to Light up Dark Valleys

The villages of Rjukan, Norway, and Viganella, Italy, are both situated in deep valleys where mountains block the sun's rays for up to six months every year. To illuminate those darker winter months, the two towns have built gigantic mirrors that track the sun and reflect daylight downwards. Viganella completed its huge computer-controlled mirror in 2006, and Rjukan followed suit just this month, mounting a mirror that will reflect a 600 square meter (6,500 square foot) beam of sunshine into the town square below. [9 photos]

In the town of Rjukan, Norway, people gather in front of the town hall, where sunlight is reflected by giant mirrors (top) erected on the mountainside, on October 18, 2013. Rjukan, a small industrial town 150 km west of Oslo, is situated in the bottom of a valley between steep mountains in Telemark County, and is cut off from direct sunlight for five to six months a year. Now, three giant mirrors mounted on a nearby mountainside will reflect winter sunlight into the valley. (Reuters/Tore Meek/NTB Scanpix)


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December 14 2013

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Small village in the Lofoten Islands, Norway.
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Trollstigen, Norway

I want to be here. Madly.
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beautiful planet earth Norway
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Creature Aurora over Norway
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LOL Meanwhile in Norway
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